Anonymous asked:

This is so cool! how did you get all those artists to see your work? and how did you give it to them? also how did you meet them? sorry for so many questions? :)

it’s a mix of ways, some I tweeted a picture to them, Alexa Chung I showed her on my phone when I met her at her Eyeko launch at Selfridges, my friend gave Kasabian two copies of my painting of them, one for them to keep and one they signed for me! I meet them by going early before they have a gig on so when they come in to soundcheck etc I say hi and give them the art - well that’s the case with Miles anyway, as well as seeing him at the pub once and after gigs too aha! When I went to the NME Awards at Brixton I met so many musicians! It’s also about luck :) it’s okay! 

Anonymous asked:

who else famous has commented on your art??

Miles has a few times and owns the pen drawing just put up and has copies of the ones he’s put on Instagram. 

Kasabian signed a copy of one of my paintings and Serge said “10/10” and that he was going to text Miles because he wanted to see the art I’ve done of him!

I showed Alexa Chung the painting I did of her when I met her and she said she loved it!

Liam Fray from The Courteeners saw my tweet of my drawing of him and tweeted me back about it

Suki Waterhouse retweeted and tweeted me about my pen drawing of her and Miles (when they were together)

and so have The Family Rain so I’m very happy, it means so much knowing that the people you admire the most recognise your art :’)